Multi-generational dairy farmers and experts in fresh milk
A shot of cows grazing in a field

At dawn, the smell of fresh hay fills the air even as a gentle breeze caresses the dairy cows wandering across the fields.

Milksha's founder Kevin Lin feeding a cow
Green Light Ranch in southern Taiwan is where the Milksha dream was born. Mr. Kevin Lin started out as a dairy farmer and knew from generations of caring cattles that it takes high-quality natural fodder for cows to produce sweet, smooth and great-tasting milk. By combining high-quality fresh milk straight from the ranch with natural ingredients free of artificial additives, he created countless cups of delicious and healthy hand-made beverages that embrace the goodness of nature.
To introduce the great taste of natural simplicity to the rest of the world, Milksha scoures the world for the best milk producers using the same demanding standards for fresh milk that it applies to its own ranches. These are then combined with Milksha’s extensive experience with milk-based beverages so that more people can enjoy the refreshing goodness of milk straight from the ranch.

At Milksha, truth is more important than stories.

Even though lots of beverage brands claim to be fresh, natural and healthy, we don’t just “say” it - we actually “do” it; “All we have is pureness and joy” is what we have always believed and practiced. We only use fresh milk rather than non-dairy creamer. We make no compromises even if there are low-cost creamer-based beverages out in the market. We insist on using natural less-additive ingredients because we want to present the original, natural flavors in their true glory.
To bring out the flavors, we pay close attention to the source and production of every ingredient. To offer an even wider variety of great-tasting options, we train our own R&D personnel, source quality tea leaves and bouncy bubbles from Taiwan, and blend them together in just the right proportions to satisfy the most demanding of palates.

Sharing of natural flavors and a return to simplicity

Milksha knows that nature is best. Our commitment to natural simplicity means serious preparation to preserve the original flavors of fresh ingredients. We make sure every sip of Milksha you take is the best that nature has to offer.

At Milksha, we offer a great tasting experience with peace-of-mind. Trust us to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The purity of going back to the basics means that we take care of the little details in the background. What we place in your hands is a great experience where everything is just right.

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